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Martijn Kleijwegt, René Kuijten, Joachim Rothe, Mark Wegter
LSP is een van Europa’s grootste en meest ervaren life science investeringsbedrijven. Met een track record en ervaring die meer dan 25 jaar teruggaat, hebben wij een bedrijf gebouwd wat zich slechts op een ding richt: het vinden, tot bloei brengen en verder groeien van life sciences investeringsmogelijkheden met een grote potentie voor positieve impact op de samenleving.

Wij geloven dat zulke kansen ook de meeste waarde creëren voor alle partijen. Vanuit onze kantoren in Amsterdam, München en Boston steunen wij de beste uitvinders met de beste ideeën. Met als doel producten en technologieën te ontwikkelen die een positieve uitwerking op de samenleving hebben, richten wij ons op de uitvinders en hun plannen.

Per definitie gaat dit vaak samen met financiële returns. Dat gecombineerd met de grote bijdrage aan de samenleving zorgt er voor dat beleggers graag hun kapitaal toevertrouwen aan LSP. Immdels heeft LSP $1 miljard onder beheer, en geïnvesteerd over meer dan 75 bedrijven, waarvan 52 al een exit hebben gezien. Ook hebben we al meer dan 35 producten naar de market gebracht.
LSP is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced life sciences investment firms. With a track record going back more than 25 years, we have built up an investment house that is dedicated to only one task: seeking, nurturing and growing life science investment opportunities with the potential to have a positive impact on society.

We believe such opportunities create the most value for all parties. From our offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Boston, our team aims to back the smartest inventors with the best ideas.

While their goal is to develop products and technologies that have a positive impact on society, our objective is to help inventors achieve their goals. By definition, success is often accompanied by financial returns. The combination of contributing to society and the prospect of associated financial returns is why investors entrust LSP to invest their capital.

We have $1 bln under management, invested in over 75 companies of which 52 have been exited, and we brought over 35 products to market.


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bedrijf jaar sector fase
Pharming 1990 Drug development and protein production from milk from transgenic cows and rabbits Early Stage
Sequenom 1998 drug development Early Stage
Zealand Pharma 1998 drug development Early Stage
Santarus 1999 Pharmaceuticals Beursgenoteerd
Isto 2000 orthobiologic company Early Stage
Kreatech 2000 Biotechnologie Early Stage
PamGene 2000 Biotechnologie Early Stage
Kiadis Pharma B.V. 2001 Biotechnologie Early Stage
Seahorse Bioscience Inc. 2001 Seahorse Bioscience provides industry-leading analytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery. Early Stage
BioXell 2002 Biopharmaceutical company developing new therapeutic candidates in the areas of urology and inflammation, using its unique expertise in Vitamin D3 chemistry and biology. Beursgenoteerd
Affectis 2003 Bio-farmaceutisch bedrijf Early Stage
Innovative BioSensors (IBI) 2003 Company developing and manufacturing rapid testing systems for the detection of pathogens at high levels of sensitivity and specificity Growth
MDx Health 2003 diagnostics Early Stage
IDEA 2005 Healthcare Early Stage
ActoGenix 2006 Biotechnology, therapeutics Early Stage
Attune Foods Inc. 2006 All-natural daily wellness bars that balances the digestive system Early Stage
Efficas Inc. 2006 Development of bioactive products for nutritional management of specific health conditions related to immune system Early Stage
Eyesense 2006 Healthcare Early Stage
Pronota 2006 Company focusing on the discovery of protein biomarkers for molecular diagnostics both for early detection of disease and for responder/non-responder identification Early Stage
Trinity Biosystems 2006 Developing oral protein therapeutics and vaccins based on proprietary transmucosal protein delivery technology Early Stage
Affimed Therapeutics AG 2007 Development of recombinant antibodies Early Stage
Harvest Automation, Inc. 2007 Harvest Automation provides agile mobile robots (AMR) platforms for material handling. AMR platforms are low cost independent robots which target direct labor replacement in applications such as nursery and greenhouse markets. Growth
Nexstim 2007 werking van de hersenschors scannen Early Stage
Okairos AG 2007 Genetic vaccins for treatment of chronic infectious diseases Early Stage
Pasteuria Bioscience 2007 Biotechnologie Early Stage
Prosensa 2007 Biotechnologie Early Stage
Skyline Diagnostics 2007 Biotechnologie, diagnostic tools for cancer Early Stage
Syntaxin 2007 Biotechnologie Early Stage
Tigenix 2007 development of cellular therapeutics for gastrointestinal and urology indications Early Stage
Asoyia Inc., 2008 productie soyabonen Early Stage
Cobalt Biofuels 2008 Ontwikkeling van biobutanol Growth
arGEN-X 2009 Company developing full-length, monoclonal antibodies generated by its proprietary SIMPLE Antibody⢠platform. Early Stage
Curetis AG 2009 moleculaire diagnoses Early Stage
Probiodrug 2009 Company developing new drugs for the treatment of diseases such as pain/inflammation and Alzheimerâs disease Early Stage
Merus 2010 Bio-farmaceutisch Early Stage
4-Antibody GmbH 2011 Company generating high affinity, fully human monoclonal antibodies. Early Stage
Activaero 2011 Inhalation devices for controlled pulmonary drug delivery and clinical reprofiling and development of pulmonary drugs in various indications. Growth
Atlas Genetics 2011 Diagnostic company developing ultra-rapid point-of-care tests for a range of infectious diseases using either nucleic acid or immuno-assays. It is based on a patent protected electrochemical sensor that combines speed and accuracy Early Stage
Mendor 2011 Company marketing discreet all-in-one blood glucose meter for diabetes patients Growth
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation 2011 Company developing deep brain stimulation for treatment of Parkinsonâs Disease Early Stage
Celladon 2012 Bio-farmaceutisch bedrijf Growth

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