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Marco van Oord
Het private equity team werkt met alle gerenommeerde internationale en nationale private equity firma’s. In samenwerking met verschillende sectorteams worden binnen Nederland transacties in alle sectoren ondersteund met gespecialiseerde sectorkennis en relevante transactie expertise. Internationaal richt Rabobank zich met name op transacties in de brede food & agri omgeving.
Corporate Finance Advisory - Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Rabobank's Mergers & Acquisition team acts as the client’s advisor in both sell-side and buy-side transactions. With M&A professionals in 24 countries, Rabobank's M&A team is fully equipped to advise clients in transactions, ranging from controlled auctions and broad market buy-outs to one-on-one situations.

Rabobank’s Mergers & Acquisitions team is especially known for its long-term relationships, combined with in-depth sector knowledge and experience. Our expertise stretches to advising both public and private companies, combined with a focus on family businesses and financial sponsors. Transactions are supported by a dedicated team led by experts with critical sector knowledge and deal experience.

A particular strength of Rabobank’s M&A team is the Food & Agri sector. The team has extensive experience and a proven track record in the Food & Agri sector, servicing over 1,300 Food & Agri customers worldwide. It holds the number 1 position in both the Dutch and European M&A league tables for the Food & Agri sector.

Being part of the Rabobank Group, M&A can offer integrated solutions through i.a. Acquisition Finance, Capital Structuring, Relationship Banking and dedicated industry research.


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