In 2016, private equity and venture capital firms sold € 3.7 billion at cost or divested in other ways from 192 Dutch companies. Reliable figures on the transaction value of the divestments over the entire market are unavailable.

This total comprises divestments from young and fast-growing enterprises (venture capital) as well as divestments from mature companies (private equity). Owing to this diversity, it is more informative to examine different areas of the private equity market.

All figures shown are so-called market analyses, i.e. investments in and divestments from Dutch companies by domestic or foreign private equity firms. Information from 1989 onwards on the activities of private equity companies registered in the Netherlands can be found in the archive's industry analysis. The list of questions and glossary can also be found there, as well as the methodology underlying the research and the corresponding data files.

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In 2016, venture capitalists sold their interests in or otherwise divested 105 Dutch companies, often very successfully. In 15 of these cases it was a sale to a strategic party. In 36 cases, loans were repaid, while 38 cases a bankruptcy or write-off happened. The latter is a normal percentage in venture capital. One life-sciences company, Merus, went public for the first time.

Private equity firms sold 20 companies to strategic parties, for example: Den Braven Sealants (Arkema), Banketgroep (Groupe Poult), Luzac (NCOI), Carcoustics (Liaoning Dare Industrial), Continental Bakeries (Goldman Sachs) and Bakkersland (Borgesius). Basic Fit went public and private equity firms sold some remaining interests in three other listed companies. In total 17 companies were sold to a different private equity firm. Audionova International was sold to Sonova Holding AG, the holding company of several companies active in the hearing aid industry. 


Both national and foreign private equity or venture capital firms have had an active year in 2016. Because foreign parties are more often active within the larger transactions, they have sold or divested from relatively few companies, but have done so for relatively large amounts and at cost price.


NVP (Geassocieerde) leden

  • NCB Participaties B.V.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • BDO Corporate Finance B.V.
  • Meijburg & Co
  • Linklaters LLP
  • DLA Piper Nederland N.V.
  • Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam N.V.
  • ATAIR Company
  • The Gap Partnership Netherlands B.V.
  • Egeria