Ondernemend Vermogen

For over 16 years, the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP) has conducted annual research, together with the Corporate Finance team at PwC, into the most important developments in the Dutch private equity and venture capital market. Since 2007, the figures are based on PEREP_Analytics, a pan-European data collection that is supported by Invest Europe (previously EVCA), NVP and other European branch associations for private equity and venture capital. This system was superseded by the European Data Cooperative (EDC) in 2016, a system jointly owned by all European private equity and venture capital associations.

This data only reports private equity and venture capital firms' equity investments and generally does not include debt.

The research is authoritative for the Dutch private equity and venture capital market. By using a questionnaire and reliable public sources, the research covers around 95% of investments by Dutch parties as well as around 95% of investments in Dutch companies. Members as well as non-members of the NVP contribute to the research.

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NVP (Geassocieerde) leden

  • Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
  • ATAIR Company
  • Lebrowsky B.V.
  • Avedon Capital Partners B.V.
  • Chestnut Corporate Finance
  • Matcorp Investments B.V.
  • Riverside Europe Partners Sprl
  • Legadex B.V.
  • Deloitte M&A
  • Mazars Financial Advisory Services