Overzicht portefeuillebedrijven

The capital that private equity and venture capital funds invest in Dutch businesses is a factor of great economic significance.

The Dutch companies that are (in part) supported by Dutch private equity or venture capital have a combined revenue of 82 billion Euros and account for around 350,000 employees in the Netherlands. 

In total, private equity and venture capital financed companies provide 10% of employment in the Dutch private sector and approximately 16% of the gross domestic product.

See below for an overview of all companies in the Netherlands that have (ever) been financed via private equity or venture capital. 

All information is sourced from the public domain and is not linked to information from our other publication ''Enterprising Capital'' and the EDC.

Update NOVEMBER 2017 (data from public sources)
Overview of current and historic portfolios of Dutch private equity firms and Dutch firms in portfolio of foreign private equity firms


NVP (Geassocieerde) leden

  • Cinven Limited
  • VP Participaties
  • Amstone Tax Lawyers
  • Kröller Boom Assurantiën B.V.
  • Van Campen Liem
  • Atlantic Capital B.V.
  • PhiDelphi Corporate Finance
  • Informal Capital Network B.V. (ICN)
  • Van Reekum Participatie Fonds
  • Gilde Healthcare