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For over 15 years, the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP) has been monitoring, together with the Corporate Finance team of PwC, the most important developments in the Dutch private equity and venture capital market.

Since 2007, data are based on PEREP_Analytics, a pan-European data collection, supported by Invest Europe, NVP and 20 other European private equity and venture capital industry associations. In 2016 this system was superseded by the European Data Cooperative (EDC), the first truly pan-European data collection exercise that is jointly owned by all the associations. The EDC is a non-profit organisation.

In this study, only equity investments are presented, and normally not the whole transaction value.


The study is normative for the Dutch private equity and venture capital markets. By using a questionnaire and reliable public sources, the research covers around 95% of investments by Dutch parties as well as around 95% of investments in Dutch companies. Members as well as non-members of the NVP contribute to the research. Privacy equity and venture capital firms only relay sums that have been actually realized. This may be completed with publicly available information before extensive auditing. Because of this careful process, the market information presented in this report is the standard for private equity and venture capital.

The NVP receives extensive support from PwC Advisory's Corporate Finance Team for several months a year in gathering, processing and presenting these data. Because of this support and the resulting above-average response-rate of all private equity and venture capital firms in The Netherlands, the quality of the NVP study ranks among the best of Europe. The NVP would like to thank PwC Advisory for the support they have lent to this study for more than 15 years.

Normally, debt is not taken into account in this study. Only in very few cases will transaction values be presented. Because usually only the actual equity investment by the private equity or venture capital firm is presented, the data in this report significantly differ from those in other studies.

Better information about previous transactions becomes continually available. So it may happen that data deviate from previously published data.


Market (MK)- versus industry (IND)-analysis
This study distinguishes between data regarding Dutch private equity and venture capital firms (industry analyses, IND) and investments in Dutch companies by (local or foreign) private equity firms (the market analysis, MK).

Trend report (from 2007) with:

Size of investments, divestments and fundraising
Origin of fund raising by type of investor and geography

Extra tables (from 2007) with:

Regional development funds
Corporate Venture Capital
Extra splits on size of investments
Geographical splits 
Clean en hightech investments

Capital under management and number of Dutch general partners.

Definition list and sector description.

[All industry analyses]
Investments 1989-2006
Divestments 1989-2006
Fundraising 1989-2006

Please contact Felix Zwart of the NVP for further clarification of these data. The NVP will never disclose data that can be traced back to individual cases.


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